Monday, July 5, 2010

Playing Catch Up!!!

As my "favorite" sister-in-law points out Brandy and I need to play catch up on our family blog. I find myself each time wanting to update this but something always comes up but you know what they say "excuses are like @$$#*!&$, everyone has one". So really I have no excuse but to take the time and write some captions and add some pictures because the one thing Heidi is right about is that if no one looks at the blog at least Brandy, Liam, Layla and I can look back and get a glimpse of our thoughts and images. Thanks Heidi keep bugging me and I will eventually get to it!!!! Adding fathers day pics now....stay tuned for 4th of July!!!!

1 comment:

Strobels said...

I love the pictures but you did not mention who took them!!!! ME LOL great job!!