Monday, February 14, 2011

Pre-School Valentines Party

Brandy and I were helpers in Liam's class for his first Valentines party. Liam wasn't quite himself because he had to share his mommy and daddy with this whole class but came around and enjoyed the party. Brandy put a spin on pin the tail on the donkey and made a game for the class to play which was pin the arrow on the hart. The kids loved it!!!! Below are just a few pictures of Liam and his classmates.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Joy's of taking family photos!!!

I know I promised July 4th blog but as you can tell that didn't happen and here we are already nearing the end of July 2010. The blogging is realistically only going to happen about once a month if I'm lucky (I know that disappoints you Heidi...j/k!!!) This was a busy month for the Tibbs family, traveling almost every weekend to spend time with the most important people in our lives with a busy work schedule to boot. We did get a few days break while Nena and Papi were on vacation and they took Liam and Layla for a few days, but all good things must come to an end ;) Also somewhere in this month Heidi and Eric came to Indy for a visit and Heidi put her photography skills to the test and took some wonderful pictures of us which I will share with you after the blogging is complete. It was hot, tensions was high, and kids were barely cooperative but without any one of those things would it really be a family photo shoot??? However the end result, as you can see from a few shots below, were some great photo's taken by and up and coming photographer that did a fantastic job. Stay tuned for August as it will be another busy but fun golf outing, IN state fair, and most importantly Liam will be stating school....this should be interesting!!!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wedding Bells Ring in Aubrun, IN

Brandy's roommate from BSU Dawn had her wedding last weekend in Auburn, IN at the auto museum. A night away from the kids but as always (as I'm sure most of you can attest to) we spent most of the evening talking about Laim and Layla. We had a great time watching a beautiful ceremony and even had a chance to get in a couple of dances before the long drive back to South Bend.

New Addition

On June 22nd Ethan Charles was born, Liam finally got his first boy cousin and I got my first nephew. Liam was the only boy on either side of the family and he has a blue princess dress at maw-maw's to prove it!!!! Layla will be right there of course tormenting them both into submission!!!
Ethan Charles Tibbs
I can almost hear Layla saying
" can I make him do what I want"!!
Doug and Baby Ethan

Monday, July 5, 2010

Playing Catch Up!!!

As my "favorite" sister-in-law points out Brandy and I need to play catch up on our family blog. I find myself each time wanting to update this but something always comes up but you know what they say "excuses are like @$$#*!&$, everyone has one". So really I have no excuse but to take the time and write some captions and add some pictures because the one thing Heidi is right about is that if no one looks at the blog at least Brandy, Liam, Layla and I can look back and get a glimpse of our thoughts and images. Thanks Heidi keep bugging me and I will eventually get to it!!!! Adding fathers day pics now....stay tuned for 4th of July!!!!